Device Errors Format


I am using the REST api call “get /api/devices/{dev_eui}/stats” which has an “errors” response field. The documentation shows the format as an empty object {} and the model description is “inline_model_2, optional): Error count.” .

As it is difficult to create a Device error for testing purposes can anyone describe what format i should receive here if an error existed? Is it a key:value pair with the key being a server reponse code and then a string description for the value? Also, i’m not sure what the significance of “inline_model_2” is?


I found an example of how the error reponse is formatted:

“errors”: {
“OTAA”: 1

So it looks like a key value pair with the key being the error type and the value being a count for this type.

It appears you are using ChirpStack v3, please include that in the future. I think these are the ones you want:

Thanks for the info. Also, do you know if rxPackets includes errored packets in its count? I want to work out the percentage errors.

There’s a lot of good info in the gateway Stats payloads, check the proto definition. I’m mostly living in v4 today.