Device id in queued downlink

if i send a downlink, the follwing topic will send back to my instanz.


The message looks link:


Eg. in Ttn the device_id (oder device_name) is used in the topic.
I know this is a very hard break, so is it possible to send the device_id (device_name) with the message?

If this is possible, for the user it is possible to change the Name of the device and the downlink queued can by assigned wrigth.

This is not possible, ChirpStack expects the DevEUI in the MQTT topic. The reason is that the device name is not unique in ChirpStack. The DevEUI is the only unique identifier for a device.

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I know this.
For this reason some platforms Like ttn Used the id/name and not the eui in the topic.
So the Downlink hast all Information to Queued it with a down back.
Ok so i dont unse the device_name.

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