Device is not seen

I have installed loraserver, lora-gateway-bridge and lora-app-server on single VM. I have used LG01-P as gateway and HELTEC ESP32 as end node. As per loraserver and gateway bridge log, gateway is connected to loraserver and pings after few minutes which can also be seen in gateway details.
Regarding End node, i have used Arduino-LMIC library. AS per device, packet has been sent but device has not yet seen in device tab and there is live LORA frames. I have double checked keys but still device is not communicating with loraserver. How should i troubleshoot to make it work? BTW, i am using EU433MHz


Can you please share your loraserver & lora-app-server logs. might also help :slight_smile:


Lora gateway bridge is nt showing this log. So this means that data from device is not received by gateway. But my device serial monitor says otherwise which is:


And with the following command

mosquitto_sub -v -t "gateway/+/rx"

gateway-bridge logs shows nothing.

I have the same issue and didn’t find any solution yet :frowning:
@usmanf did u fix your issue? how?