Device join procedure is completed, but cannot get uplinks

So, I’m a beginner with this LoRa and LoRaWAN thing and have been trying to simply connect a end node to a gateway and send a “helloWorld” message.

I have started the “Academy For LoRaWAN” from LoRaAlliance to learn more, and done quite some research, but couldn’t figure out what is the problem I’m facing. So, I decided to open a topic and ask for help here.

As below, the JoinRequest-JoinAccept works just fine, and may be seen both at LORAWAN FRAMES from gateway and device. However, after that, nothing more occurs. The program keeps trying to send the uplinks every 10 seconds, but nothing happens. I guess the result I’m trying to obtain here is to see a ConfirmedDataUp or UnconfirmedDataUp, I’m not sure, with the message “helloWorld” encrypted.


My end node is the IoT Devkit from Robocore. It is ESP32 based and uses the SMW_SX1276M0 LoRaWAN transceiver. About the LoRaWAN MAC version and Regional Parameters, Robocore told me via e-mail that “maybe you should implement LoRaWAN layer 1.0.2 or 1.0.3” and “we configured the module for AU915 with only channels from 0 to 7 available”.

My gateway is a RAK2287.