Device Joined but never seen?

Hi everyone, I’ve been working with Chirpstack server during last months and testing some devices. All of them work fine!

Now, I’ve recently acquired some devices (ultrasonic water meters, btw) and been trying to connect them OTAA way (they do not suppoty ABP).

Everything looks fine and the devices get “Join Request” and “Join Accept” answer from the gateway, but they appear as “never seen” in the application console.

Any idea what could be wrong? It is not a device issue for me, as far as the devices manage to send request and also receive accept from server. But the application server does not “see” this devices…

“Last seen” could be based on the last successful uplink. Does it populate correctly when your device sends one following join?

The device is not expected to send another Join request. It should send data instead, but it does not appear on application server. (For any unknown reason, but devices are periodly reporting data).

Yes, by uplink I meant an Uplink event (Event types - ChirpStack open-source LoRaWAN® Network Server documentation).

Tested on v4 (though v3 should be similar), with the caveat that all of my nearby devices send at least one uplink immediately after join:

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