Device Metrics Dashboard does not work if auto-detection is not activated

Hi there :wave:,
I noticed that device measurements do not appear on the dashboard of devices when “Automatically detect measurement keys” is disabled in the device profile.
Without changing anything else, when I activate it, the measure are added to the Dashboard, and when I desactivate it, it doesn’t.
Is it an expected behavior?
Those keys was created automatically, I did not try to do it by adding manually the metrics from the beginning.

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I can confirm. It’s the same with us.
We had activated the function, the keys were created. Then turned it off and it stopped working. After reactivating it works without any problems.

I think we thought differently about how this feature works.

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Could you please create a GitHub issue for this in case you think this is a bug? Issues · chirpstack/chirpstack · GitHub


Done here: Device Metrics are not recorded when auto-detection is not activated · Issue #94 · chirpstack/chirpstack · GitHub

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