Device not responding after reset

I have an ABP-activated device that I on-boarded on Chirpstack and has been working correctly up until it was accidentally deleted from Chirpstack. I re-inserted it back but when I tried sending a command to it, it did not responded back like it did before. The device does get a txack, meaning the command was properly sent to the device.

My theory is that it was caused by the Downlink frame counter (network). After the re-insertion, the counter was reset to 0. I don’t recall what was the value before it was deleted. So I can’t just revert it back like that. Hence, is there any other solution?


Which version do you use ? Latest ? We have a down / join request issue, looks to be similar to your one but I want to be sure before investigate further.

If you want to know more, please have a look at this one : Network-Server does not JoinAccept device JoinRequest

This is our current setup: GB - 3.9.2; AS - 3.13.2; NS - 3.11.0
The device profile is using LoRaWAN MAC version 1.0.0. The device is activated through ABP, so if I’m not mistaken, ABP devices does not need to join. On top of that, the device periodically send out data and that is working. Meaning, uplink-wise, it’s ok. It’s just not managing to reply to our downlink commands

BTW, a txack just means the downlink was sent, it means nothing about whether the device received it.


A frame-counter must always be incremented. When you start at 0 but the device expects a higher number, then it will reject the downlink.


As I expected. But it’s working now after power cycling the device