Device otaa activated and joined but device not seen

Hi Everyone

I have problem with OTAA i installed new chirpstack using docker-compose and setting my device using otaa, i can see my device on gateway and activated

but in my devices not seen and not activated

Any idea whats going on here?

i already delete and create device, restart docker and reboot my VM and nothing happen still same problem


  1. FYI a join will not update the device last seen state. Brocaar knows more about this, but I do know its for reasons that make sense such as unknown state of actually joining. It will only update on the first actual uplink with its given DevAddr (it looks like this occurred though at 5:57:19 in your SS)
  2. Can you confirm the DevAddr (26042ce9) was really the address given to the device “dddd”?
  3. What’s going on with the DevEUI? I guess you are using the “MSB” button in the UI to enter it that way, because it is byte swapped? Perhaps this has something to do with it…
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