Device Payload Incorrect

Hi Everyone,
I am trying to identify an issue with my LoraWan Yabby Device (Yabby LoRaWAN® : Digital Matter Support).

I have gotten my device activated and it is sending uplinks that are being received by my gateway (MikroTik Routers and Wireless - Products: wAP LR8 kit).

The problem however is that the payload information is incorrect, for example,
Uplink info from gateway traffic:

Chirpstack Live Lorawan frames:

However when decoding this payload, the information definitely doesnt make sense because the device is stationary and the payload variable information keeps changing randomly:

I would love some help on this issue, anyone come across anything similar?

if you were a little more attentive, you would have noticed the help section
which has an answer

Hi @eugenev,
thank you for your response. My apologies, I am somewhat new to this and perhaps i should clarify that i have also done the same test in the deice data tab, which provides me with similar results.

Do you know of any other method or approach I can attempt?

It’s curious that the problem persists even when using the decoded payload found in the device data tab. I’m not familiar with Yabby, but it sounds to me like the problem is there. Chirpstack has nothing to do with the decoded contents of your payload. The fact that the message arrives and is shown in the device data tabs is a sign that Chirpstack is doing its job perfectly.

Hi Malu,

Thanks for your response. So if i understand correctly, that means that there is nothing in the chirpstack server configuration or setup that could affect the payload infromation from the device?

I will definitely keep you updated if i manage to solve the issue.

Not from my understanding on LoRaWAN and my experience with Chirpstack. It would be something like the postal office changing the contents of a letter you sent.

Hi Malu,

I managed to figure it out. It seems The Lorawan Mac version was 1.0.1 vs 1.0.0 once changed the data is now consistent and correct.

Not sure if you know the technicalities of why that scrambles the payload info, but it would be interesting to know.


Guess I was wrong! It was a Chirpstack config afterall. I also find it curious that instead of an error, you got a changing payload. I compared the lorawan 1.0.0 and lorawan 1.0.1 specifications briefly but couldn’t figure out what causes this behaviour. If you do find out let me know!