Device Queue Downlink problem

I am testing downlink via api with DeviceQueueService : [POST] api/devices/{device_queue_item.dev_eui
My example is body:
“reference”: true,
“confirmed”: “true”,
“fPort”: 5,
“data”: “eyJkYXRhIjo”
and device_queue_item.dev_eui HEX from device but it throws an error:

Response Body

  "error": "f_port must be > 0",
  "code": 3,
  "message": "f_port must be > 0",
  "details": []

What I am doing wrong?


Use below example body
POST: http://localhost:8080/api/devices/{device.eui}/queue

      "deviceQueueItem": {
        "reference": true,
        "confirmed": true,
        "data": "AAA=",
        "fPort": 1

Thanks! When trying example I did not removed json so problem was using json and data…

Has someone experience with calling this api from the requests package in python?

I am not sure on how to add all header informations including the authentication token.

Solved. I am using MQTT now