Device rejoining after sending 1-2 uplinks

This device takes quiet a while to join, but once it does so after sending 1-3 uplinks it tries to rejoin again.

According to the vendor it is class A, and we are using the US915 LoRaWAN standard with an indoor gateway and the configuration in Chirpstack NS being left to default. Any clues as to what the problem might be?

This will depend on the firmware of the device, but the device has sent a confirmed uplink. If it does not receive the downlink, it may decide to rejoin.

That level of join cycling does make me suspect something is not right in your setup, though, either with gateway or device. Is this a proper 8-channel gateway?

It’s a Tektelic Kona Micro gateway which is configured for the first 8 channels whilst Chirpstack NS has been configured to accept whatever channels. Not sure what’s going on because I haven’t have any issues with any other device with this gateway.

Could it be that the device is somehow not receiving downlinks properly? It seems to take quiet a while to receive the Join Accept message as you can see.