Device status is not availabe


While connecting loraserver and lora-app-server on diiferent instances or machines I am able to see device frame logs, device is sending uplink and receiving downlink from server but I am not able to see device last seen on lora-app-server
I am attaching files, please help me.

Kinjal Chhaparwal
Database Developer

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This began to happen when we added SSL certificates in the configuration file of lora-app-server and loraserver both.

Also, i found that the last_seen column of the device table in loraserver_as database is empty!!!

Can Anybody explain why?

Thanks in advance always! :slight_smile:

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In both cases, please check the loraserver and lora-app-server log output. It is very likely that you will see errors that for example LoRa Server can’t reach LoRa App Server (e.g. because of mis-configuration / invalid certificates).

In lora-app-server I found this error:

Feb 15 04:27:56 ip-172-0-10-10 loraserver[905]: time=“2019-02-15T04:27:56Z” level=error msg=“finished client unary call” error=“rpc error: code = Unimplemented desc = unknown service as.ApplicationServerService” grpc.code=Unimplemented grpc.method=HandleUplinkData grpc.service=as.ApplicationServerService grpc.time_ms=0.208 span.kind=client system=grpc


Feb 15 05:04:29 ip-172-0-10-10 loraserver[2965]: time=“2019-02-15T05:04:29Z” level=warning msg=“grpc: addrConn.createTransport failed to connect to { 0 }. Err :connection error: desc = “transport: Error while dialing dial tcp connect: connection refused”. Reconnecting…”

How to overcome this problem?

Please look at your configuration again. You have made some changes that are not correct. E.g. is not an IP:PORT to which you can connect, only an INTERFACE:PORT to which you can bind.

I recommend you revert to the original configuration and then make modifications step by step.


Thanks you orne, its done!
Reverted back to the original configurations and then set the parameters again.