Device-status packets are only sent after uplinks?

Hi all,
I set a device with class C and Device-status request frequency = 1440 (i.e to send status every 1 minute).
And the sending period for uplink is every 1 hour.

This is class C.

However, it only sends status packet just after an uplink.
I expect Chirpstack should send the status packet every 1 minute regardless uplink interval?
Thanks a lot for any help.

MAC Commands, such as DeviceStatusReq, are sent in only Class A RX windows according to LoRaWAN protocol. Class B and Class C packets do not carry MAC commands by design.

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Ok, may be status is for RX1 only.
Class C uses Rx1 during uplink and countinous Rx2.

That makes sense.
Thanks a lot.

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