Device stop transmitting

So my device (ABP activated) periodically transmit packets of data every 15 minutes. After some days, Chirpstack will report the device as inactive suddenly because somehow the device will stop transmitting. After some digging around, it seems like the device was actually still working but it’s just not transmitting it to the gateway.

I did some visual test by sending a command to turn on the light on the device and it did as it was told. Under normal circumstances, the device will send back a response and an UP will appear under the Device Data tab on Chirpstack. But that did not happen. I only have the TXACK. On top of that, the gateway did not receive any response during that time.

So my question would be, is this a Chirpstack problem or a hardware problem or a LoRaWAN limitation of some sort? And is there a solution to this? What I currently do now is just power cycle the device.

Hi fikri,

we have experienced a similar behaviour. In our case the problem is (probably) the gateway. When we restart the gateway, the sensor data of the devices are retrieved again. Maybe there is an error between the ABP link?

Do you receive an error message under device data? It could be also possible that your frame counter validation is wrong and therefore you do not receive any data.

No, there was no error whatsoever under device data.

How do I look into this?


some time ago I solved similar problems, this: DRAGINO door sensor LDS01 - #5 by Patar might help with some hint.