Device takes at least 1 minute for communication

Hi, guys.
I have created a loraWan with a Node and Raspberry. The communication between Raspberry and loraServer is good. The Node joined successfully with OTAA and I can every single information of Node on the LoraServer.
And when the Node sent first package, the Raspberry gateway received immediately and transmit it to lora server. I can also check the first frame on the server easily.
But when the Node sent second package, I was monitoring the Raspberry gateway and loraServer, nothing happened, I waited and waited, at least one minute to two minutes, the Raspberry gateway received the message and transmit it to loraServer. I can also check the second frame on the server easily.
The third, fourth … message also takes one to two minutes for the whole communication process.
Then I powered off the Node and restart it. The same scenario happened. The first frame is so quick with perfect communication, but starting from the second frame, it was received one to two minutes later.
If I send the packages one after one, instead waiting for watching it on gateway and loraServer, only first frame is received then the Node become busy state.
Please help me guys, I was hanging on this problem more than one week. I tried several kind of LoraServer. But the same situation exists.

Are you sure the problem is not with the device? When it waits one minute before actually sending anything, then there is not much you can do from the LoRa Server side.

I got the reason.
It is about Duty Cycle Limitation. The device only uses single channel.

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