Devices communicate with LoraServer but 1/2 don't send data to MQTT server

When I add our Tektelic Kona Home sensors to our application within LoraServer, they all connect and the Lora App Server Web gui shows the current time-stamps. Our MQTT server resides on a different server for processing the data that comes in. We installed the first batch (1/2 of the sensors) a couple of months ago. The second batch of sensors were installed a week ago. We can only see data coming into the MQTT server from the first batch of sensors. In the LoraAppServer toml file the MQTT portion is configured to point to our MQTT server IP address.

I’m not sure what your question is. As you mentioned the first batch works as expected, the second batch doesn’t. That looks like either there is a technical issue with the second batch or the second batch was not correctly provisioned in LoRa App Server.

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Thank you,

I’ll go back and check the process in which we provisioned these devices and reply with an update.