Devices compatibility

Hi All. This my first contact with this community.
I have some ABP sensors, TTGO’s and MKRWAN, connected to a TTN GW.
If I want migrate my sensors to a ChirpStack GW, can I use the same sketchs changing the keys for the news ones?

Thanks for advanced.



If you want to use the Chirpstack ecosystem, you firstabel need to make sure that you are using of the packet forwarders backend that Chirpstack supports. Once you have verified this, you must decided how to deploy each component (gateway-bridge, network server and application server if this last point is required in your specific use case).

Technically, you won’t be able to connect right away your end node devices to Chirsptack with changing only keys.

But the libraries, Lmic for example, are they the same?

If you go to the official documentation and see what are the components within a LoRaWAN architecture, can you visualize that there are two main entities that standout, the Sensor and Network Server.

LMIC libraries are pieces of code that you can use on the Sensor side to provide LoRaWAN capabilities to an end device, in this sense, making them able to communicate with the Network Server. On the other hand, what Chirpstack does is taking care of all the complex tasks that you need to do if you opt to manage a private Network Server, this means that, Chirpstack resides on the Network Server side and some components are withtin the Gateway Host as well.

To close the loop in this context, LMIC libraries are not the same than Chirpstack ecosystem. Both can be part of a LoRaWAN infrastructure but are located in two different regions.

Hope that helps,

Yes they same, you can try it