Devices get disconnected

Hi all,

I am currently trying to migrate my devices from the old LoRaServer v2 to the new Chirpstack server v4.

I’ve successfully brought all the devices and their keys as well as the gateways to the new server. They are working as intended but my problem is, after a few hours, some GPS devices sort of un-join and are stuck in a loop of join requests. I checked the logs and there is nothing abnormal with these specific devices. The keys are also formatted correctly since the device was sending data the day before.

The devices are Digital Matter G62 cable gps (the battery ones seem to be working fine). The thing is, they communicate correct data but they stop working seemingly randomly. I have about 20 connected to the server but only half of them get disconnected. They are also the only ones requiring LoRaWAN 1.1.0 as their MAC version.

I also have other devices on the network, which are not the same make and model, but those are working correctly after 24 hours of testing.

Anybody encountered the same issue?