Device's joining process takes too long after a restart


Does anyone also experience this?
I already had everything working from device > gateway > loraserver > lora-app-server. I had also successfully sent downlink and it reached my device. But whenever I restart either the device or the gateway, of course it gets disconnected from the server, and the process of rejoining to the server takes a series of join and 1 uplink until it finally joins the server by itself without me doing anything.

Here’s an example:

Then it will eventually become stable after a long time:

Getting to that stable part takes a lot of time as you can see. What could be the cause of this?

What are you using for a gateway? I’ve seen problematic joins within gateways with limited channels. We are able to join immediately with a couple models of 8-channel gateways.

Could also be unrelated.

I’m using Multitech gateway for this.

Are you still seeing this issue? Usually when I see something like that I try and get more information from the end device to help determine if the uplink and downlink channels are correct.

This sort of problem usually is because of an issue with the end device. It could be that the device is not properly accepting the channel mask and eventually rejoins after not getting confirmations back from the network.

I’ve also seen devices that have poor timers on them and can’t reliably wake up properly to hear the downlink.