Devices not Activated after Migration from v3 to v4

There was a previous topic on this (not mine) that was closed. No solution was offered in the thread.
I “successfully” migrated V3 to V4, no errors on script level, the script ran through all phases and ended with “done :)” BUT the device activation was not migrated.
Devices and GW’s migrated correctly but as mentioned the devices are not activated.
“This device has not (yet) been activated.”
I can see the frames(events) at the GW level, no frames(events) on Device level.
Any input would be highly appreciated and helpful.
Wonder if the previous poster Shrulabh has found the solution for this…
Kind Regards

I don’t know if this will help.
Since ChirpStack 4.7, we need to run the below commands to migrate session keys from Redis to Postgres.
Then the devices will be back to life with device sessions.

Device-session migration

This release moves the device-session storage from Redis to PostgreSQL. After upgrading, you must execute the following command (adapted to your environment):

chirpstack -c /etc/chirpstack migrate-device-sessions-to-postgres

Thank you datnus
My V4 is a fresh 4.8.1 install.
Do you think this still applies?
Or is this to be done on my V3 server before migration?

This are the tables present in my chirpstack V4 sql database:
Any table missing ?
Appreciate the help.

where would the device sessions be stored in V4 sql? if anyone can help please
In which table?

You said you do a migration from v3 to v4 with the migration script.
Then now you say it is a fresh 4.8.1 install?
I don’t get you btw.

Sorry for the confusion and thanks for your reply,
My V4 instance is a fresh new stand alone install (not an update from previous versions)
I have my current V3 running on a different machine and I need to migrate all sessions to my new installed V4.
The migration script ran with no errors, all devices are present but not “activated” as I mentioned in my original post.
I hope this clarifies things?
I did run the command you provided and re did the migration - with no change unfortunately.