DeviceTImeReq for Class-A device time sync, with gateways that don't provide time


I’ve tested the DeviceTimeReq feature for time synchronization in a gateway wich doesn’t provide time (no “fineTimeGPS”, either no “time” from NTP … I know…)

The time request synchronization works (guess ChirpStack takes the time from the network server or the application server),
but it synces always with a constant drift of the time in the device, around 18 seconds forward the real time.
any ideas why is this?

Thank you

If no accurate time is available, the NS system-time is used as a fallback to at least provide “something”.

Yes, it is a great feature!

Just curious why it synced always about 18 seconds forward from unix/gps time (non erratic, always the same).
I thought could be the server not discounting leap seconds but guess then the drift should be bigger, I think.

Thank you for your time,
Great work, I would be glad to contribute some way to this project