DevNonce Error during OTAA Join

I am encountering an issue while attempting to join my device with the network server using OTAA. During the join process, I receive the following error message:

docker-compose logs

ERROR up{deduplication_id=1b191493-3a61-4467-9f90-13e9988fb665}: chirpstack::uplink::join: Handle join-request error error=Invalid DevNonce

level: “ERROR”
code: “OTAA”
description: “DevNonce has already been used”

However, upon checking the PostgreSQL database, I found that the DevNonce values may overlap with other devices. Despite this overlap, the devices have different Device EUIs, so I believe there shouldn’t be an issue.

Could you please clarify if ChirpStack’s Join authentication process raises an error when the Device Nonce value overlaps with another device, even if they have different Device EUIs?

And what does the ‘join_nonce’ in the ‘device_keys’ table represent?

Thank you

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The device-nonce are per device / DevEUI. In your case it means that this specific device already has used this nonce.

The join_nonce is a nonce which is used as part of the JoinAccept and will increment with each JoinAccept message.

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