Dial application-server api error: context deadline exceeded

Hello everybody,

for my studies i am currently dealing with Lora.

I use a Dragino LG01-N as a gateway and want to connect it to the Chirpstack server.

Two days ago I connected it to the server and it was shown to me as online.

The next day i wanted to make further configurations, but although I did not change any of the settings, I received an error message that I am stuck with.

I use everything under localhost in a virtual machine (opensuse)
and have taken over the settings as they are in github without changing anything.

chirpstack-gateway-bridge_1 | time=“2020-06-07T08:40:12Z” level=info msg=“integration/mqtt: publishing event” event=stats qos=0 stats_id=65fff62e-ea1f-472b-83f0-cac30fa27938 topic=gateway/a840411da0f44188/event/stats

chirpstack-network-server_1 | time=“2020-06-07T08:40:12Z” level=info msg=“gateway/mqtt: gateway stats packet received” gateway_id=a840411da0f44188 stats_id=65fff62e-ea1f-472b-83f0-cac30fa27938

chirpstack-network-server_1 | time=“2020-06-07T08:40:12Z” level=info msg=“gateway updated” ctx_id=65fff62e-ea1f-472b-83f0-cac30fa27938 gateway_id=a840411da0f44188

chirpstack-network-server_1 | time=“2020-06-07T08:40:12Z” level=warning msg=“creating insecure application-server client” server=“chirpstack-application-server:8001”

chirpstack-network-server_1 | time=“2020-06-07T08:40:17Z” level=warning msg=“ccResolverWrapper: reporting error to cc: dns: A record lookup error: lookup chirpstack-application-server on dial udp operation was canceled”

chirpstack-network-server_1 | time=“2020-06-07T08:40:17Z” level=error msg=“gateway: handle gateway stats error” ctx_id=65fff62e-ea1f-472b-83f0-cac30fa27938 error=“get application-server client error: get application-server client error: create application-server api client error: dial application-server api error: context deadline exceeded”

chirpstack-network-server_1 | time=“2020-06-07T08:40:42Z” level=info msg=“gateway/mqtt: gateway stats packet received” gateway_id=a840411da0f44188 stats_id=8e4136d7-0d89-4bc1-9067-c785d666c3cb

I would be very happy to receive an answer.

best regards, Johannes

I believe this error has been covered by a few topics already: https://forum.chirpstack.io/search?q=get%20application-server%20client%20error.

If everything is running on localhost, then "chirpstack-application-server:8001" is not a correct value, as this hostname does not exist (it works when using the Docker example).

To setup everything within a VM, please have a look at the Debian / Ubuntu tutorial: https://www.chirpstack.io/guides/debian-ubuntu/.

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