Different Class C Downlink frequencies for different devices

Is the following configuration possible or supported in chirpstack stack specifically or lorawan in general?

  1. all devices are class C.
  2. each device listens to different RX2 frequencies for class C operation.
  3. gateways use the same downlink frequencies as configured in the device, for class C operation.

You can configure the RX2 frequency per device-profile but ChirpStack will align all devices with the RX2 frequency as configured by the chirpstack-network-server.toml configuration file using mac-commands.

so the setup I described above is not supported by lorawan? or it’s a limitation of chirpstack?

The protocol does not limit you in this, but from a multi-tenant point of view I did not want to give end-users the power to define the frequencies that they want to use, as they might violate regulations. Therefore the ChirpStack Network Server will align the devices to the settings as defined by the network. This was an implementation choice :slight_smile:

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