Different join accept delays per end device


I just like to ask, is it possible to set a specific Join Accept delay for a particular end device? Meaning, there will be different Join Accept Delays for device1, device2, and so on.

The Join Accept delay is a fixed-value (RX1 = 5 and RX2 = RX1+1 sec) per specification. It can not be configured per device.

@brocaar when will the RX2 Window of the Join Accept message be used by the network server?

A join accept can be sent in RX2 rather than RX1 for any arbitrary reason but would typically happen if there is a scheduling conflict or the duty cycle allowance for the RX1 channel is exhausted. In some configurations (classic packet forwarder) that decision is made by the network server, in some more recent ones it is actually made by the gateway itself.

And to be clear, the timing of join RX windows is distinct from that of normal RX windows. Join RX windows are always per the LoRaWAN spec. It is ordinary RX windows which can be set uniquely (and are communicated as part of the join accept)