Different Topic for Broker

Hi everyone,

first of all let me apologize in case this ticket is duplicated. I spent some time trying to find something similar, but I couldn´t. Hopefully, it is a subject that has not been raised yet.

I´ve configured chirpstack solution for a Lora integration and it has worked properly. However, as our Kafka integration sends data to different hosts, we would like to set a topic value for each broker. Please find bellow our current configuration as example:


Brokers, e.g.: localhost:9092.



Right now, for both IPs we´ve set the same topic value (abc.dev). however, we would like to set a different value for the first IP, as it will be under production soon.

Is there any way to set a different topic? Can you think any other way to do it?

Thanks in advance,

This does not appear to be supported currently as topic is a string and not a list/map. It would seem that in order to use different topics for each broker, some work would need to be done in the code.

I would suggest opening a feature request in github.

thank you @John_Roesler!