Disable /api web page forever & Change port 8080 to 443 + redirect

Hi @brocaar!

I have a timely doubt with lora-app-server compiling.

My target is denie or exclude the access at https://localhost:8080/api page. I just want to users acess the application but never the swagger api application. I know that api is pretty necessary to the application, But I can comment some line before compiling that exclude the api web page please?

Another doubt, please. I would like also change the port 8080 to 443. Now what I am doing is runing a iframe at apache to mirror that page at 8080. However what should I do (please there is some place that i can learn) to redirect the page in case users do not correctly insert https

Again, thnks so much !!!

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Please note that the web-interface is also using this API, so disabling it means the web-interface will break.

To disable the “/api” endpoint, a quick search on "/api" will give you the line to disable :slight_smile:
To use port 443 instead of 8080, you only need to update your configuration

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Awesome @brocaar! Thanks so much!

I will try these implemantations as soon I got !

Best Regards!