Disabling frequency channels for device

We have a device that is designed to work in the EU_863_870 band and we want to use device in the IN_865_867 frequency band. Is there a way to disable the EU channels and make sure that the device transmits only in the IN channels?
PS: I have two network servers - one for EU and one for IN

I think the best approach would be to make sure your device runs a firmware which implements the IN version of the Regional Parameters. You might run into compatibility issues else.

The firmware in your End-Node is what determines the frequencies it operates on. That being said, the LoRaMac-node code at LoRa®️ network github complies with the LoRaWAN Regional Parameters v1.0.2rB as defined by the LoRa Alliance.
The Regional Parameters are developed in conjunction with the Table of Frequency Allocations for your country and the legislation enacted by your federal government. You cannot/should not arbitrarily designate your own frequencies or operation as non-compliance could have detrimental effects on other services within your region that can leave you open to criminal prosecution.

Thanks for the input. I understand the non-compliance part and its repercussions.
The reason why I adopted this approach is that not a lot of LoRaWAN devices are available for the Indian Frequency. So it becomes extremely difficult to test new devices. Also the vendors are not ready to write a special firmware for the Indian Frequency util we order the devices in bulk quantity which we cannot do until we test the devices. Hence, the paradox.

India is covered in the current version of, LoRaWAN™ Regional Parameters v1.1rB.
I would be surprised if you could not find a consultancy in India that would write the firmware for you.
The STMicroelectronics Discovery LoRa board is looks like it would operate on Indian frequencies and the STM32CubeExpansion_LRWAN_V1.1.5 software supports the Indian frequencies and I have imported the code into Atollic TrueStudio Version 9, now owned by STM and free, and I ave successfully compiled it.
The STM code is based on LoRaMac-node, Semtech’s open source code pool.
Hope this helps.

If you are looking for a module (not a device) it seems that RisingHF modules support IN865

Thanks for the info. It is much appreciated.

Are you still looking devices with India frequency? I can suggest you some !!

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