Display Data collected from lora gateway

So I’m working on a project, landslide detection. There will be two parts of it, one a sensor node and one gateway node. The sensor node will transmit the data collected from the sensor through wio e5 development kit. Then on the gateway node there is a wio e5 mini to collect it. Then I want to show the data collected to a website so the user can access the information on it. How do I setup ? do I use TTN or firebase ?

You can for example look into:

E.g. your stack could look like this:

[Device] -> [LoRa GW] -> [ChirpStack] -> [ThingsBoard]


[Device] -> [LoRa GW] -> [ChirpStack] -> [InfluxDB] -> [Grafana]

These are just two examples, the possibilities are endless :slight_smile:

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