Do I need a lora server to recieve data from Lora gateway?

I am kinda new to this, so I am sorry for the silly question,
Once the lora node sends the data to back to the lora gateway, and the gateway further pushes it to a server. My question is, I have already setup a server and it is configured to receive data from sensor board. Now i have to include lora module to make my Iot board long distance compatible, so in that case, I need Lora gateway and all, but do i need to install a lora server? I cannot configure the lora gateway to push the data to my already configured server? Its a IIS server, with .net server side code.

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Yes and no.

  • A gateway knows about sending / receiving data using LoRa modulation (e.g. it receives and sends bytes)
  • A LoRaWAN network-server knows about the LoRaWAN protocol

So when you’re just interested in sending data using LoRa modulation, you can just use the LoRa Gateway Bridge as an API to your gateway.

When you have a LoRaWAN device you want to connect to your network, you need a network-server. E.g. it handles data integrity, encryption, format of the LoRaWAN PHYPayload etc…

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So, my typical IIS server can receive Lora Data? I am sorry I am just a bit confused dats all, so many posts are there and all of them are kinda using TTN or some other back end services to handle data, thats why.

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This thread helped me a lot, @wanstreet thank you for your question and thank you for your answer @brocaar . I have been working on a lora project and it is needed to have the gateway send data to a local server with no internet connection but the whole lorawan ecosystem seem to be designed to work with network server provider