Docker and ChirpStack v4 - Configurations Backup

Hi, this is our first time running ChirpStack and we’re doing so by using the Docker image on our server.

After adding gateways, devices and applications - what would be the best way to backup these? As far as I know, the docker instance and PostgreSQL DB are held only in RAM. So if our server were to undergo a restart or something similar I fear that all progress/changes made on the docker instance will be lost.

What ideas/recommendations do you have for this case?

You can configure REDIS to be persitent, the rules are configurable in the toml file.
The PostgreSQL DB is, obviously, persistent by design, so no worry on this side.

This depends on your Docker setup. Without using a volume or mount, data is lost if you re-create the container.

See for example (same for Redis service):

In this case, a Docker volume is mounted inside the container thus re-creating the container should not mean data-loss. As an alternative to a volume, you could also mount a directory from the Docker host into the container.


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