Docker-compose configuration file not found


I’m using docker and docker-compose for Windows 10. The Versions are:
Docker: 18.06.0-ce
Docker-Compose: 1.22.0, build f46880fe

Now when i’m using the docker-compose file from:

and only slightly adjust the docker-compose.yml, by removing the LoRa Gateway Bridge Image, as this is already running on the Gateway

Then compose the file by “docker-compose up”, the containers are beeing build and executed fine:

But everytime i get the message that the Network-Server as well as the Application-Server are unable to find the configuration files provided. Eventhough these are available at the given path:

  • ./configuration/loraserver and - ./configuration/lora-app-server

Now this leaves me wondering whether something with the volumes mounting is going wrong? Or possibly it is something Windows related?

The Docker-Compose Environment Variable regarding Windows Path Conversion seems to be set correctly:

In case i set it to 0, i get Errors “invalid volume specification” due to incorrect file path

Many Thanks in Advance on hints what the Problem could be in this case.


Some additional Question regarding this topic:

On which Operating System was the docker-compose file tested?

I’m testing on MacOS (with Docker for Mac).

Hi brocaar,

Thanks for your answer.

I assume you haven’t experienced any similar issues as i described above. Can you imagine it could have any other root cause other than the volumes mount of docker-compose?