Docker-compose error

I followed the instructions under

Whe I run docker-compose up, I get the error message

docker standard_init_linux.go:219: exec user process caused: exec format error


What am I doing wrong?

This can mean you have installed the wrong binary for your platform.

Thx. I used the template for docker-compose.yml under

Does this mean that I have to change the entries for image: in this yml file so that they point to those individual ones I use when I manually install the chirpstack on the RPi?
The ones being referenced in the standard docker-composite.yml point to a “configuration” subdirectory. Perhaps they were compiled for another architecture?

Ah, you didn’t mention you were using an RPi. This ticket has some discussion on the topic:

Thx for the information and the link

In that discussion there is no solution for arm v8. The imiages which were generated on arribada pertain to arm v7.
Do you know how to cross-compile for arm v8? I am not familiar with that.