Docker container crashes after assigning new secret key


I am new to Chirpstack and I am having a weird error using the Docker setup. The default config works fine and stable. But when I edit the api’s secret value in the chirpstack.tom l, the docker container chirpstack-docker-chirpstack-1 constantly crashes with the following error message:

chirpstack-docker-chirpstack-1 | Error: redefinition of table loggingfor keylogging at line 2492 column 1

Do you have an idea how to solve that? Even setting the configuration.toml back to the old default secret, doesn’t solve the problem of the crashing container.

Thank you in advance.

This error tells you that the key logging occurs twice in your configuration. Please note that ChirpStack will read all files in the specified configuration directory. If your editor saves a backup file in the same directory, then this will be read as well which could cause these kind of issue.

Thank you very much. I made a backup of the original file which was in the same directory and that caused the problem.

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