Docker Error on Raspberry Pi3

i´m getting Errors if i try to use the docker-container from GitHub.
I get:
standard_init_linux.go:190: exec user process caused "exec format error"
for loraserver, gatewaybridge and geoserver.
What does this mean?
Regards M.

The Docker containers are not intended to run on ARM architecture (currently).

Hi brocaar,
I want to run LoRaServer in Docker on my Raspberry Pi today, and the same error was encountered.

In my deployment, I found that mosquitto and redis run well while gateway-bridge, loraserver and loraappserver failed. So I wonder why does it not support the ARM architecture, is it the problem of Docker images?

My project needs to make LoRaServer run on a Raspberry Pi, what changes can I do to achive it?

Thanks a lot !!!

Docker images need to be built and uploaded for each architecture that one wishes to use them on, and based on the above comment, Mr. Brocaar is probably not doing that currently for ARM. You could try building them yourself for/on ARM, if so inclined. My only experience with Lora Server on ARM is with the prebuilt packages for running the Gateway Bridge on gateways, so I can’t comment on success rate.

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@Traberry I would recommend doing an install of the OS_full version of loraserver, not had many problems other than having to restart redis on reboot. Nice bit of kit!!!

Thanks for your advice, it is a good idea, but I want to have a try with Docker

I have found images for ARM architecture in Docker Hub:

I am testing these images.

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hi,boy!Are these images available?