Documentation restyle and re-organization

Previously the documentation of the various components were stored in each repository separately. In order to make these easier to maintain (and to make it easier to make cross-references, add a search function and check for dead links), I have migrated everything into a single repository:

Apart from a restyle (using and, I have re-structured a few pages to align with the MkDocs documentation organization.

If you notice any dead link of other issue, please report these here and I will fix these. Thanks!


NS page shows old style

Geolocation Server tab missing in restyle documentation website

Geolocation Server has gone away as an independent service:

I suppose that doesn’t help people still running it, though.

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You’re right. I should make this tab visible. The documentation is still there but the tab is hidden.

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I have added the geolocation tab for the above reason. The “old style” documentation is likely caused by your browser cache.

Working :+1: after clear browser cache.

from page
When using the chirpstack-gateway-os-full image, proceed with the following guide… goes to the dead link

Error 404

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Thanks, I have fixed the link (+ redirect).

I’ve just noticed main menu alignment does not look right. It looks left, but centered would be better

I’ve noticed in Application Server Integrations --> Event Types --> ACK (JSON) JsonV3 Marsher RxInfo and TxInfo not expose by the Application Server