Does chirpstack-simulator work well?

Hi, Does chirpstac-simulator( work well now? After I got the latest source code and ran the compiled binary, the following error happens.

INFO[0000] starting ChirpStack Simulator docs=“” version=74f087b
INFO[0000] as: connecting api client insecure=false server=“”
FATA[0001] grpc dial error: context deadline exceeded

What can i do to resolve it?

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it’s on configuration part, after creating a configFile.toml need uncomment some lines, and add a correct path, for that error is on [application_server.api] server=

in my case, I’m testing with docker and put the name of container and port :whale2: (the containers are on the same docker network), same for others vars

PD: I really like this community and project :revolving_hearts: :100:

Have you reached some limits about number of device an postgres connection?
I’m testing heavilty my chirpstack server and after 600 devices simulated i have problem with number of connection.
I put a limit on number of connections on chirpstack setting but with this it doesn’t work well.
If you guys need other information i’m happy to share!

Hi, I have the same problem!
Some help?


I had this same error. After a lot of messing around in the config file for the simulator (.toml) I realized i had ‘insecure=false’ but it should have been ‘insecure=true’. Likely if this was a production version of ChirpStack insecure=false would be the right setting, but since I am doing this all on one pi and following this guide , ‘insecure=true’ is the correct setting!! This allowed me to get past that initial error!

Thought I would post because it was easy to miss and held me up for a little bit. If anyone else is coming from the install guide to the simulator this is a good first thing to check!