Does ChirpStack store entries by itself?

Hi there. This might look like a very basic question but Im a little unclear on this.
Im installing ChirpStack OS on a R-PI 4. I want to try to setup an existing gateway to point to this CS setup and I was wondering if CHIRPSTACK NS acts as a cloud system ie does it store the received data for good?
Im trying to compare it to other platforms I’ve used before like Thingspeak (I know it’s different, I use it with Sigfox) and this one does store the received data with no time limit so I can access all information from the last month, year, etc…

Does CS do it as well or should I rely this functionality to an external program? In which case which one?


You will want to look at Integrations, of which there are many to choose from:

If you want to keep everything self-contained, you could use the PostgreSQL integration to store to the same database host as you use for existing ChirpStack functionality.

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Understood. Yes, the postgresql integrations seems valid for me now, as this is only a test setup to validate using ChirpStack in a small environment. I guess the limitation will be the size of the SD card where the CS OS system is mounted on the R-PI


Hi Edu_Gimeno,

I´m using chirpstack NS with Influx integration and with Grafana frontend. It works like a charm!


Eduardo Bastos