Does every Receiving Data have to be in base64 format on the server even if it was sent another format(Hex etc.) from sensors?


I did have a look over Lora documents and frames but i could not get it clearly. I would like to learn that:

1.) Every data which comes from sensors to Loraserver has to be TRANSFORMED in BASE64 format on the receiving data even if we send it Hex format or decimal format it will be automatically base64 on the receiving data?

2.) Is it depend on the Loraserver? If we use another Loraserver it will be exactly same or not?

Briefly, i just wonder that if i send any data(AA) in any format from sensors to Gateway. And i see the receiving data. In order to see the real data(AA), do i have transform it from base64?

I will appreciate if you can enlighten me or share any link with me.
Thank you,

Please note that HEX and base64 are just encodings to represent bytes as text. What happens when you send AA (HEX) to your node is that the firmware on your node decodes it from hex => bytes. Then these bytes are transmitted and received by your gateway, forwarded to the network-server (LoRa Server) and the application-server (LoRa App Server) and presented to you in this case in base64. Note that only your node knows that the input was encoded in HEX.


So yes, the data that is exposed by LoRa App Server is always in base64 regardless the encoding how it was sent.

Thanks for your support and your replies @brocaar and excuse me for interpolation in the post, but i have the same question as @zafer.

The final result/monitoring of the receiving data by sensors is tranformed in BASE64 format so can i just read a number result, or i took a raw value (telegram-type value)?

Thanks in regards again!