Does Loraserver put in "Black list" devices,which violates duty cycle?


If anyone knows, does lora server puts devices with duty cycle violation on a kind of black list?

I had two concentrators, which due to bad weather send a lot of messages, and Loraserver appear them as “n/a” in last seen field of devices.

I thought that may based of a possible “duty cycle violation”.

Is any possibility to exist this?
If yes, is any way to retrive them back?

Thanks in advance,

No, it doesn’t keep a blacklist.

Thanks @brocaar for the answer!

If not, could you explain this:

Using mosquitto,seems like these two devices sends packets,without data.

It suddenly happened from yesterday afternoon,


Excuse my persistence, but the above problem still remains.

Suddenly, looks like LoraServer does not recognize two devices, which i assigned to, and also i observe a high-connection packet-traffic to gateway.

Is any possibility of restriction in Loraserver or Lora Gateway (Bridge) after sending a specific amount of packet,from a device to them?

Please, if anyone can of course, give a point about. It will be really useful to understand the exact behavior of these.
In TTN (corresponding LoraServer) works with a kind of black list,when receive a specific number of packets by a device and as a result blocks its EUI.

Hope for your help.


I have the same problem.