Does the ChirpStack LNS care what the gateway has set for keep_alive, ping_interval, or stats_interval?

I’m investigating ways to reduce data usage and the keep_alive, ping_interval, and stats_interval look like good parameters to tweak to reduce overhead data so to speak. Especially when using LTE with a data limit and/or extra cost.

My question then is, does the LNS care what the gateway sets these values to? Does it correlate to some settings up on the LNS or are they strictly for the gateway? If they do correlate, what happens if the gateway has these intervals at different values than what the LNS expects?

My thought at the moment is that the gateway is free to change these settings as it sees fit and there are no repercussions for doing so.

The ChirpStack Network Server does not care about these value. You could also consider installing the ChirpStack Gateway Bridge on the gateway and use the protobuf marshaler. That will be more efficient than the JSON payloads of the UDP protocol.

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Thank you @brocaar I appreciate the feedback.