Does the newest Open-Source LoraWAN Server completely solved the retransmission?

recently,a problem about Lorawan node retransmission confused me , I’ve found many issues about it in github and repeated to find some information in Lorawan protocol,
some useful issue about retransmission and their responding records as following:
1 uplink fail(re-up) :

Yeah. The server ignores retransmitted frames, so if the FCnt is the same it does not sent anything to backend. Try setting the “FCnt check” in your device profile to “Disabled”.

2 Confirmed retransmission not acknowledged :
> This is by design. The network-server will only confirm an uplink once. Re-transmissions with the same frame-counter are ignored as else this would allow for re-play attacks.

The network-server can’t know if this is a replay attack or re-transmission. I think in LoRaWAN 1.1 this is fixed by hashing the uplink channel index, so that the network-server can detect that the frame-counter did not increment, but that the MIC is unique (given that the re-transmission was done using a different channel).
LoRaWAN 1.1 has better mechanisms to deal with this, as I already have pointed out in previous comments (adding the channel + DR into account when generating the MIC so that the network-server can distinguish a retransmission from a replay-attack).

3 LoraWAN1.1 protocol 19.1 Uplink Timing Diagram for Confirmed Data Messages:

If an end-device does not receive a frame with the ACK bit set in one of the two receive windows immediately following the uplink transmission it may resend the same frame with the same payload and frame counter again at least ACK_TIMEOUT seconds after the second reception window. This resend must be done on another channel and must obey the duty cycle limitation as any other normal transmission. If this time the end-device receives the ACK downlink during its first receive window, as soon as the ACK frame is demodulated, the end-device is free to transmit a new frame on a new channel.
does the newest Open-Source LoraWAN Server completely solved the question above.

4 Environment :

End-node open-source LoraMAC-node 4.3.2 and LoraMAC-node 4.4.2
Gateway : newest Lora-gateway & packet_forwarder
LoraWAN-Server : newest Lora Server