Does the restarting of the network server need re-joining of OTAA devices?

I hope my question is not answered elsewhere (I searched for it, but found no answer neither in the forum nor in the documentation).

I have like a dozen OTAA devices hanging on my gateway. Let’s suppose I am changing the installation_margin on the toml configuration file of the network server (ie. from 10 to 12 dB) because uplink data from some devices are lost from time-to-time. I need to restart the network server so the changes take effect. Will the OTAA devices work as if nothing happened or do they have to join again? What will be the situation with the frame-counter? Should it be disabled on every device?

Thanks for any reply!

No, state information/session keys are stored in the DBs. Restarting the network server does not require a new join, nor will things like frame counters, etc restart.

All this info is in the DBs

Now, if you wipe your databases, then yes :slight_smile:

Thanks for the reply, I will try it.

I should note that some stuff is stored in Redis database. I am pretty sure this is lost if you reboot the machine, since the redis database runs in RAM? I could be wrong on this though - it might shadow to postgres as well for permanent DB storage.

Most Linux distributions have Redis configured with data persistence, in which case it is safe to reboot the machine which is running Redis.

See also Redis Persistence – Redis.

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I’m sorry for bringing this discussion up again.

But an instance of mine of the Application and Network Server was recently migrated to another infra and they are using a brand new Redis’ instance. I would say that the security context was being stored on Redis? Am I wrong?

Applications of mine that used to send Unconfirmed Data Up messages appear to be offline after migration. They have no activation info available in AS nor any data flow. However, monitoring the gateway packets, there are a lot of devices sending data with a DevAdr I could not find anywhere. I would say that is because the devices were not able to see that the security context changed and rejoin the network. The ones with Confirmed Data Up have successfully rejoined and acquired new DevAdrs.

Is there something I can do from the NS/AS to force the device to rejoin by OTAA? Or there should be needed to reset such devices manually?