Doesn't joined after a shutdown


I come to you regarding my internship project using LoRaServer.

When I initialize my board and start the different services (NS,AS, Gateway bridge) I can joined my end-device without any problems (OTAA mode). Same when I reboot my board.

However, when I turn my board off (shutdown -P now) and then on again. Even if all my services are active (saw with systemctl status), I get the loop Join Request -> Join Accept -> Join Request -> Join Accept … and my end-device doesn’t joined anymore.

I also noticed that during the shutdown, I had the indication “a stop job is running for network server (1min30)”. And when I turn my board back on, try to reconnect but it doesn’t work and I turn my board off again so I don’t run it for nothing, I no longer have this indication --> The Network Server would not restart after a shutdown?

If you have any ideas about this please?

No one have an idea ? Please :worried: