Down link problem

I am having some problems with the downlink data from node-red(inject block) so I added a block function at node-red between inject block and MQTT block
(inject block)>(function block)>(MQTT block)
(Function from ChipStack > Scheduling downlink data) like this

x = msg.payload;
“confirmed”: true,
“fPort”: 1,
“data”: msg.payload

return msg;

But when I send the data from node-red(inject block) It doesn’t show DOWNLINK messages in page ‘LoraWAN Frames’ and ‘Device Data’ but It show a UPLINK message when I send a data from node device

Thanks for any clarity around this.


Hello. I’am also looking for how to succeed a downlink on chirpstack server. I can see the uplink data from a node and I cannot downlink to this node.

start from, tell us what are you doing and what are you waiting for ?

I have a node device (Arduino+Rak811) that send to the server (loraserver on RPi + Rak831) data (humidity and temperature). I’ve done a http integration to a plateform. And all work fine. Now I want to send a data from the plateform to my node so as to order the Arduino to start a pump motor.
As I’m a new in chirpstack, I don’t know how to downlink the node. I don’t know how to do it even with chirpstack UI.
I want to know the steps

just one step:
enqueue the downlink payload for the corresponding device in the UI,

I don’t find the frame where I can downlink

Applications->your app name->your device Enqueue downlink payload

I follow the path.
Then I do what?

As I see, you are using the old version, named LoRa Server.
But I’m talking about ChirpStack.
Upgrade the version LoRa Server to Chirpstack

Is there any linux command for that ?