Down link problem

I am having some problems with the downlink data from node-red(inject block) so I added a block function at node-red between inject block and MQTT block
(inject block)>(function block)>(MQTT block)
(Function from ChipStack > Scheduling downlink data) like this

x = msg.payload;
“confirmed”: true,
“fPort”: 1,
“data”: msg.payload

return msg;

But when I send the data from node-red(inject block) It doesn’t show DOWNLINK messages in page ‘LoraWAN Frames’ and ‘Device Data’ but It show a UPLINK message when I send a data from node device

Thanks for any clarity around this.


Hello. I’am also looking for how to succeed a downlink on chirpstack server. I can see the uplink data from a node and I cannot downlink to this node.

start from, tell us what are you doing and what are you waiting for ?

I have a node device (Arduino+Rak811) that send to the server (loraserver on RPi + Rak831) data (humidity and temperature). I’ve done a http integration to a plateform. And all work fine. Now I want to send a data from the plateform to my node so as to order the Arduino to start a pump motor.
As I’m a new in chirpstack, I don’t know how to downlink the node. I don’t know how to do it even with chirpstack UI.
I want to know the steps

just one step:
enqueue the downlink payload for the corresponding device in the UI,

I don’t find the frame where I can downlink

Applications->your app name->your device Enqueue downlink payload

I follow the path.
Then I do what?

As I see, you are using the old version, named LoRa Server.
But I’m talking about ChirpStack.
Upgrade the version LoRa Server to Chirpstack

Is there any linux command for that ?

I have installed the new version. All work fine thank you.

Hello everyone, I’m having problems with undefined DevEUI, I’ve tried in several ways but the Downlink Device doesn’t recognize the DevEUI, I tested it in string, base64, hex and it doesn’t work.

Hi! where you able to solve this? I’m having the same issue.

@GhostMCS @clarizzamorales . Can you try to ellaborate your issue in detail. DevEUI should not be an issue for Downlink because it is fixed and assigned by the manufactures for a device, cannot be changed similar to MAC address of a network device. If you are getting Uplink payload from a device with DeviceEUI = xxxxxxxx then the same xxxxxxxx should be used for Downlink payload. Please explain what do you mean by “undefined” DevEUI? and what method are you using to send the Downlink payload?