Downlink 3g/4g network

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do you know if downlink works or not under 3g/4g network?

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Yes, it does. People have used it before, but you should try out the service offered by your service provider before using it in any project.

Just to add, you might want to increase the rx1 delay (e.g. 2 or 3 seconds), as a cellular back-haul might have a higher latency. You will find this in the chirpstack-network-server.toml configuration.

Thank you Brocaar, I tried but it is still not working.
Is there any other crucial setup for downlink setup on Chirpstack network server toml file side or application?
I have classe A device with disable frame counter ; I put downlink on base 64 after converting from hex, but the command remain in the queue.
On wifi network i see the queued empty but nothing happens on device side.
If you suggest anything I would appreciate, because I never solved this issue


If you haven’t done already, you could try installing the Gateway Bridge on the gateway.

I have mikrotik gateways, do you mean to install gateway bridge from the miktorik terminal? Actually I don’t how to do it.
I followed the procedure in the chirpstack home page, under ubuntu system: so chirpstack gateway bridge by default is installed in the ubuntu server, with chirpstack network and application server?

Let me understand

Optiona A: chirpstack gateway bridge could take place in the gateway and must be deleted in the ubuntu server

Option B: chirpstack gateway bridge, network and application are all under ububtu system

Option C: chirpstack gateway bridge could stay both on gateway and ubuntu system

Not sure, maybe I am now in the option B and I fon’t know how to change the software structure

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I don’t know the exact steps. I assume in the current setup, the device communicates using UDP over the 3g / 4g network. Depending the network setup you might experience UDP packet-loss. By installing the ChirpStack Gateway Bridge on the gateway, the gateway can immediately connect to the MQTT broker (optionally using TLS) which provides a more reliable connection.