Downlink after first UL

I’m running chirpstack server on debian/buster, Mikrotik GW

I have one device, which sends data every 5 minutes (electrometer). Before I provision the device on the server, it sends data as it should (I see on GW), but once I provision it, after the next UL message the server sends DL message back and at this moment the device stops sending data. The reason is buggy firmware, but I do not have option to fix it

The device is ABP, class 1.0.1, A class.

Is there a way to configure the server not to send DL data to the device ? I tried disabling ADR at NS, it doesn’t help

I know they should fix the device, but unfortunately this is not my option and I’m looking for a workaround. Any help would be appreciaated

The initial flow is attached

Did you disable both mac-commands and adr?

If the device blows up from a mac command it really should be fixed, but this will at least tell you that is the issue.

Great, many thanks for your help - this helped to workaround the issue.

We’ll keep pushing for fix on device, but development is in China out of our control (might take weeks) and I needed to deploy quickly