Downlink and Uplink frame-Counter Problem


I use LoRaServer version 2.1. I found a problem when Downlink or Uplink up to 65534. The application is stop. I will reset downlink and Uplink to zero set. It will come back to working. I would like to know how should I do to fix it.

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Check yours end devices, the FCnt is 32 bits, but in some device implementations, the FCnt is only 16 bits - remember that the MIC is calculated using a 32 bits FCnt.

Hello , could you help me to receive some downlink data is use IC880A gateway and using RFM96 for node Arduino

Hi Anh_Quan_Tong;

Sorry I don't use IC880A gateway.

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I´m facing the same problem. I´m using a RN2903, when it runs continuoslly it works fine when exceed the 65535 downlink frames, but if the frame counter is greater than 65535 and the RN2903 restart, it can´t get any downlink confirmation.

Have you solved this problem?

Supposedly the 1.0.5 firmware fixes this. There may be other issues with it, however. Search the forum for ‘RN2903’ and/or ‘RN2483’