Downlink Command

@brocaar how does the network server make its decision for sending the downlink command to a device

  1. Does it consider all GWs from where it has previously received uplinks from?
  2. In the event of failures, does it stop sending to that Gateway and send to another Gateway?
  1. Based on a SNR margin (configurable through the chirpstack-network-server.toml config file). From that set, it will take a random gateway.

  2. The NS will send both the RX1 and RX2 downlinks to the gateway. If RX1 fails, the gateway will retry using RX2.


thanks Brocaar, newbie, looking forward to learning a lot

  1. Does the LoRa server store SNR information from the last received uplink per device to make a Gateway selection for a Downlink command. For example if a device only sends one uplink message a day, and Downlink command is issued to that device, does the NS use the SNR measurement from that one daily measurement to make the Gateway selection decision?

  2. What if the Downlinks fail (due to Gateway off air or device has moved into coverage of another Gateway), how will the NS handle the next Downlink Command ? Will it only change Gateway after it has received an uplink via that new Gateway?

we are not newbie, this system is newbie in the market , that is why we need some time to be familiar with it …