Downlink data is not received to node when duplicate packet occurs


I am using Lora Class A device. Uplink and downlink is working well but sometimes downlink data is not received cause of duplicate packets.
I am getting Downlink Ack on chirpstack server but received response is mac_tx_ok instead of mac_rx.

Thanks in advance

If your device is too close to the gateway, it is possible that the gateway is reporting two uplinks, on different channels. In that case the downlink might be sent using a wrong frequency.

Thanks for the reply @brocaar

Yes. You are right but its also getting two or three uplinks on same and different channel. When i put device far from gateway(distance is approx.100 meter). but ratio of duplicate packets is less than device is close to the gateway. Average every 5 to 10 packets i received duplicate uplink. I have not issue with duplicate packets. my problem is when downlink is queue and duplicate packets are occurred i am not getting downlink data.